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  • All In One - Perfect for: Lower Body, Upper Body Workout, Core Conditioning, Strength, Balance, Agility, Cardio and Stretch & Cool down.
  • Great for Fitness & Rehab - Vitos Toning Ball is great for physical therapy clinics, fitness center, home, and gym. Designed for all skill levels. Use for Pilates, fitness & strength training, joint integrity, yoga and rehabilitation. Ideal for seniors & people who suffer injuries & arthritis.
  • More To Offer - Add variety, challenge and resistance to your everyday workout, make it more fun & enjoyable. Muscles can be stimulated to stabilize and control; these balls engage several muscles at the same time for the best results.
  • Durable and Quality - Constructed of durable Phthalates free PVC and filled with natural sand harmless to the environment, our toning ball is designed to strengthen your entire body, improve core strength, functional movement, and overall muscle tone.
  • Fun & Easy To Use - Easy-to-grip, soft-to-touch, latex-free vinyl shell is comfortable to hold in one hand. Toning balls are easy to use, lift, throw and swing; however, the constant moving sand inside requires you to use stabilizing muscles to control.
  • Anti-Burst - With the soft and burst-resistant surface, you will feel comfortable & safe while performing many workouts with added soft resistance.
  • Versatile With More Options - Perfect for hand-held activities & provide more resistance for your daily exercises. Different toning balls with varied sizes and weights are excellent for leveling up your fitness program.

Vitos Fitness Toning Soft Weighted Mini Medicine Ball for Core Training - 10lbs

SKU : MNF88-470-020
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