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Eiffel 65 Blue Topic

Yo listen up here's a storyAbout a little guy that lives in a blue worldAnd all day and all nightAnd everything he sees is just blueLike him inside and outsideBlue his house with a blue little windowAnd a blue CorvetteAnd everything is blue for himAnd himself and everybody around'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen

Eiffel 65 Blue Topic

I have a blue house with a blue windowBlue is the colour of all that I wearBlue are the streets and all the trees are tooI have a girlfriend and she is so blueBlue are the people here that walk aroundBlue like my Corvette, it's in and outsideBlue are the words I say and what I thinkBlue are the feelings that live inside me

IMHO this isn't a cliffhanger, we can see the blue light glowing from the inside of the skull of this "Demon-Spitter" on its eyes in the cast sequence graphic alongside the blue sky. Too bad the guys from team TNT didn't drew the demon remains "evaporating" as stated in the final text screen.

Many things are left unresolved on purpose, to give a mystery for the audience to be tantalized by. Who and what is Tom Bombadil? Is Deckard really a replicant? What exactly happened when David Bowman encountered the monolith? What is the blue glow in the demon-spitter? Not knowing the answer gives what would otherwise be a simple "you're winner" message a power it would not otherwise have. Embrace the ambiguity.

Yeah, this always puzzled me, i remember waiting for TNT Devilution to explain this. but i still am not sure what the blue light was supposed to be in the Devilution Beta, in Revilution it was a control panel that called for a larger demon invasion i believe. Dunno about Convilution. But yeah i hope one these days any remaining developer could tell us what exactly it was supposed to mean. since Devilution, Revilution, and Convilution arent official.

IMO, glowing blue lights only mean one thing: radioactivity. So that means that the death of the demon spitter has provoked some containment failure in the nuclear reactor powered its life support systems, and Doomguy should 1. get out of there as fast as he can and 2. eat a lot of iodine pills.

But seriously, I always interpreted as the setup for Plutonia. The blue light was the strange teleporting thing that would transport Doomguy to another world where he has to fight even more demons. Plus, so many god damn screaming skeletons. 041b061a72


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