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Loreal Hair Spa Buy Online

Sensory System 2 : continue your personal Hair Spa experience with this sensory massage service after the shampoo. The Repairing cream bath is formulated with purified water and gentle ingredients: shea butter and avocado oil, to deeply nourish the hair and restore its softness and strength. For dual-action on hair and scalp: blend this cream bath with the appropriate scalp concentrate. Direction for use : blend a generous amount of the Repairing cream bath with the corresponding scalp concentrate (1 Capsule).Apply the blend to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Distribute evenly and massage thoroughly into hair and scalp for 20 minutes. Comb and leave for 10 minutes using a steamer or warm towel. Rinse thoroughly and finalize treatm3nt with the energizing scalp lotion. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately. Exclusive to your professional hairdresser.

loreal hair spa buy online

The hair spa cream is easy to apply on the hair and work with. The hair spa duo gives a perfect salon hair spa effect when the complete set of steps is religiously followed. Even without the concentrate the effects are almost similar. The hair is detangled and shiny. The frizz is reduced and hair looks alive. The cream bath has a very powerful sweet smell that lingers almost into the next day on the hair.

The very obvious con is the time and effort required for the treatment. Washing, drying, massaging, steaming, & again washing, drying. You will have to set aside almost half a day if you are doing it all by yourself. Another con that I feel is the scent. If you are sensitive to smell, then the sweet scent on the hair might be too much for you. Once, I got a bad headache after being around the strong fragrance.

Or do you, like me, prefer to sit in a parlor reading a magazine while someone does the hair spa for you. ? If you are going to buy the excellent pack and keep it in your shelf without using it, skip the guilt trip-do not buy this and visit a parlor instead ? .

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